A new Facebook app goes live today that allows brands to measure their readers social media influence via Klout and tailor their Facebook experience accordingly.

The app is a creation of San Francisco based social marketing firm Involver. They have formed a partnership with Klout, a company that measures the influence of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn users on certain brands.

Facebook brands using the Involver app have the ability to present different levels of content to members based on their Klout scores. Access to coupons, special videos and other rewards can be used as an incentive for readers to increase their Klout.

USA Audi is the first out of the gate with the new app. Readers of Audi’s Facebook page can learn their Klout score and get rewarded for doing so all without ever leaving Facebook.

With the advent of apps like these, brands are finding more ways to engage and reward their customers. Getting the Facebook fans to Like the company page, it seems, is only the beginning.

[Image Credit: Beneath_B1ue_Skies]