Confirming the power of Facebook advertising, a recent study revealed that ads on the social network receive higher levels of engagement than the average website’s ads.

NeuroFocus – a subsidiary of Nielsen – integrates neuroscience knowledge into the world of branding, product development, marketing, and advertising. The company studied three different online experiences: a viewer looking at their own News Feed on Facebook, the default homepage of Yahoo, and the default homepage of the New York Times.

Although all three websites achieved significantly higher levels of attention and engagement than other websites, the study found that people pay more attention to and remember more ads seen on Facebook. This is partially due to the fact that the rest of the content on the page offers something new to learn about friends and personal and relevant activities.

The company also found that more men resonated with Facebook than women did – women associated Yahoo more with “connecting” and “advice” than the social network.

Overall the study found that ads on Facebook are more effective than those on television. The best way to determine if a Facebook ad is a good fit for your business is to create an ad and track its effectiveness – by measuring the Likes and activity on your Facebook Page through Facebook Insights. You can read more about Neurofocus’ findings in its whitepaper.

[Via: All Facebook, Image credit: Eran Sandler]