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Today’s Twitter Tip: Don’t Abandon Twitter for Google+

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, and if you’re a regular reader of Sprout Social Insights, you’re taking measured steps into the world of “social media for business”. No matter what your level of social media proficiency, however, you’ve probably heard about the newest social media network on the block — Google+.

This article is not about “How to Use Google+”. This article is about avoiding the temptation to drop what you have already built on Twitter and arbitrarily switching to the “next big thing”. Think about it for moment. You’ve set up your Twitter account, got a great profile picture, a catchy bio, you’ve started to follow people, and they’re following back.


Like many things in business, before you can reap the rewards, you must first sow the “seeds”. In order to ripen, flourish, and harvest, though, those seeds must be attended to and not left abandoned. You’ve put a lot of effort into your Twitter activities up to this point. So, before you go in search of another social network to inhabit, nurture the networks, like Twitter, where you’ve already made your business presence felt.

Google+ is so new that nobody really knows exactly where it’s headed — yet. Given the size of Google, its resources, and its importance in the world of search, it’s likely that Google+ is here to stay and that it will eventually become a great place to set up a business profile. Right now, however, Google+ is mostly inhabited by “early adopters”, social media practitioners, but not a lot of traditional customers — at least not unless your business caters to the social media demographic.

To paraphrase a famous quote: “As the customer goes, so goes your business.” Continue to use Twitter, perhaps pay a little more attention to Twitter Lists (they share some similarities to Google+ Circles), and use your customers as a barometer for the social networks you should be using.

Have you jumped the Twitter ship in favor of another social network, or are you staying the course? Share your thoughts below.

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