Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has been steadily gaining market share with its visual search functions and other features. Its latest new product is the revamping of the Local Listings service as the Bing Business Portal.

Once you verify that a business listed through Bing is yours, you can add photos, hours, logos and more to the results shown to Bing users. Restaurants and bars can also add menus and link to the popular reservation service Open Table.

Bing takes it even further than that with a deals wizard that allows you to create and manage coupons for you business. These coupons will appear next to your local listing for both PC and mobile users. They will also show up in location specific searches and keyword searches. You can publish your deals directly from the Bing Business Portal to your business’s Facebook page where it will appear as a Wall post.

While you are setting up your Bing search results page for your business, don’t forget to do the same with the Google Places, Facebook Places and other popular geolocation services.