6 Tools for Local BusinessThe key to local business success on Twitter is to indirectly market your products and services rather than blast sales messages at your audience. Did you know there is a huge variety of free and paid Twitter tools to help you do just that?

Some tools offer fantastic geo-targeting capabilities, so you can join conversations in your local area and make sure your tweets are seen by people in specific locations. Others help you find influential Twitter users in your area, or help you reach a specific target audience. Many of these social media management tools are free, or very affordable, so you can test them out without breaking the bank. Here’s a list of six incredibly useful Twitter tools (plus 4 extras) for local business.

1. Monitter

6 Twitter Tools for Local Business - Monitter

Monitter is a free Twitter tool for monitoring real-time tweets containing keywords of your choice. You can narrow your search results so you only see tweets from a specific geographic area — which makes Monitter a great local marketing tool. You can save your searches, so it’s easy to track tweets and jump into conversations quickly.

Other tools like Localtweeps and Twellowhood offer some similar functionality to Monitter. They’re all free, so go ahead and try them out and then decide which you prefer.

2. Wefollow

6 Twitter Tools for Local Business - Wefollow

Wefollow offers a couple of great features for local marketing. First, you can search for Twitter members who have added themselves to the Wefollow directory. You can search by category or city, both of which are self-selected by the Twitter member when he or she creates a Wefollow profile.

Here’s where it gets really useful for marketing. Once you narrow your search to a specific category or location, you can view top Twitter users in that location based on their influence and number of followers. It’s a great way to find influential people in your industry or local area to connect with. These are important people to build relationships with because they might help spread your content to their audiences in the future.

3. Muck Rack

6 Twitter Tools for Local Business - Muck Rack

MuckRack is a directory of major-media journalists on Twitter. You can find journalists in specific cities and regions, and follow them. Start to build relationships with them, and when you have a story you want to spread to news readers in your area, pitch it to these local journalists. Also, keep track of their Twitter updates and look for opportunities to offer insight, help, and information for stories. It’s a great way to earn local publicity for your business.

4. Twtvite

6 Twitter Tools for Local Business - Twtvite

Twtvite is a free tool that enables users to announce and organize tweetups. A tweetup is a local, in-person gathering of Twitter users, and it’s a perfect way to bring your virtual Twitter network and audience together so you can deepen relationships that might lead to sales.

5. Social QR Code

6 Twitter Tools for Local Business -Social QR Code

Social QR Code can be used to create free “quick response”, or QR codes, so you can integrate mobile marketing efforts with your Twitter marketing initiatives. For example, you can print QR codes on posters or ads to drive traffic to your Twitter account. This increases your reach to potential new Twitter followers, and can lead to deepened relationships and more business in the future.

6. Advanced Twitter Search

6 Twitter Tools for Local Business - Twitter Advanced Search

The Advanced Twitter Search tool makes it easy to search by keyword, location, and more. For example, you can conduct a search for a hashtag related to your city or local area to learn what people are saying about that topic on Twitter.

Know any other great Twitter tools for local business? Let is know in the comments below.

[Image credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg, kimubert, Vincent J Brown, Cle0patra, telomiova, Dave Delaney]