15 Twitter Tools for Enterprise Business

Today’s enterprise business relies on a number of social media management features to help it operate effectively within the social space.

In fact, these tools are critical in this day and age. Companies are using social media not just to reach out to customers, but to manage their internal operations.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? There are many useful Twitter tools available to help an enterprise with its marketing and customer service, human resources, and networking needs. Here are 14 free or reasonably priced options that you might find useful.

Marketing and Customer Service

Marketing and Customer Service Tools

Twitter is one of the most popular tools for social media marketing. Businesses can use the following Twitter tools to communicate brand messaging, publicize promotions, conduct market research, monitor online reputations, and provide real-time customer service.

1. Promoted Tweets: Using Twitter’s own paid advertising tool Promoted Tweets, you can pay to have a tweet published and targeted to followers, to people like your followers, or by location. Ads are priced using a cost-per-engagement model, so you only pay when someone replies, clicks, favorites, or retweets your promoted ad. If you have a bigger budget, then try Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts which can give your enterprise even wider exposure.

2. Sponsored Tweets: Sponsored Tweets is a third party Twitter advertising tool. You can choose the amount you want to pay for your sponsored tweets and invite publishers to tweet prearranged updates for that price.

3. Monitter: Monitter is a free tool for monitoring real-time and location-based conversations on Twitter. Enter keywords of your choice, and you can view tweets containing those keywords as they happen. It’s a perfect way to provide customer service, monitor online reputation, and even offer targeted promotions.

4. TweetChat: Use TweetChat to host live chats between Twitter users. You can even join other tweetchats using this tool. For example, you could hold a customer service oriented tweetchat to answer customer questions in a forum-like environment.

5. Advanced Twitter Search: The Advanced Twitter Search tool can give you a gold mine of information. Use it for market research by searching for keywords in tweets, such as your brand name, or your main competitor’s name. You can also search for specific people and narrow results by location, mentions, and more.

6. Twilert: Use Twilert to set up email alerts for marketing, public relations, and customer service keywords that matter to your business.

7. Tinytwit: Tinytwit allows you to create simple polls, publish them, and receive responses directly through your Twitter account. It’s a great way to conduct informal market research.

8. TidyTweet: For a small monthly fee, you can clean up your Twitter feed and remove Twitter spam with TidyTweet. You can also create flags for certain keywords, or add people to blacklists or whitelists.

Human Resources

Human Resources Tools

These days, even the human resources department can leverage the power of Twitter. Here are some Twitter tools that will enable your enterprise to publish and share job openings, and recruit the best talent.

9. Twitterfeed: Use Twitterfeed to automatically publish content from any feed to your Twitter account. For example, if your company publishes open job postings on its blog, create a feed for that specific blog category and feed it to your Twitter profile. You can even create a separate Twitter account that’s strictly for job postings.

10. Tweetajob: Find new hires for your enterprise with Tweetajob. For a small fee, you can publish a job opening to Twitter from your Tweetajob account, get help with search engine optimization, and more. It’s just one more way to find talent by giving your job postings more exposure.

Communications and Networking

Communications and Networking Tools

One of Twitter’s biggest benefits to enterprise businesses is its ability to put your company on the radar screens of journalists, influencers, and potential business partners. You can use Twitter to build relationships that lead to publicity, sales, and new opportunities. Try the Twitter tools below to make the right connections and cultivate the right relationships.

11. Klout: Klout is one of the most popular tools for finding online influencers based on specific topics. Use Klout to find online influencers in your industry. These are people you need to build relationships with, so you can get in front of their audiences. You can also use Klout to publicize your own enterprise’s influence.

12. ExecTweets: Find business executives on ExecTweets. This is a great tool to help you network with business leaders both in your industry, and in related industries.

13. WeFollow: Twitter members can add themselves to the WeFollow directory and self-select the category where they want their listings to appear. You can use WeFollow to find popular Twitter users as well as Twitter users in your industry. These are important people to reach out to and build relationships with as part of your enterprise networking strategy.

14. Muck Rack: One of the most overlooked but most useful Twitter tools for businesses is Muck Rack — a directory of journalists on Twitter. Use Muck Rack to build media relationships, so that when your enterprise needs some publicity, you already have a network of journalists in place.

[Image credits: Zsuzsanna Kilian, Asif Akbar, Glenn Pebley, Kenn Kiser]