Organize your life with mobile phone applications

The ‘app’ store is an amazing place for people looking to make the most out of their time. Of the hundreds of thousands of apps available, a select few will actually help you to stay focused and driven, (as opposed to spending hours driving a virtual race car, for example).

Time spent – or wasted – on smartphones has become a serious problem. But help is just an app or two away. In fact, the following top 5 mobile apps can help you harness the power of mobile platform technology, allowing you to organize your time and get your life on track.

1. Evernote

Top five applications for mobile organizationThe definitive To-Do list just keeps improving. Evernote is a surprisingly large and flexible application. Its core function is a list of three ways that you can leave yourself notes – Text, Picture, or Audio. All three types of notes can be integrated to create a single file that reminds you of where, how and what you decided was worth remembering.

Beyond simply recording the information, as your files start to pile up the app acts as a database, allowing you to tag each of your files for future reference. For example, “website ideas” can all be searchable together, or “speech notes” allowing you to throw your notes in whenever and have them appear in an organized list later when you need them. The app can be synced to a cloud server where your data can be stored remotely. The beauty of that feature is that you can be generating new quick notes on the go, sync it and view it from your work computer when the time comes to put those ideas into action.

2. FastAdd

Top five mobile organization apps Spawned from one too many phone numbers lost when out on the town, this app ensures that any contact information typed into your phone will be retained. It’s happened to everyone: you’re out mingling with people when a connection is made so positively that you want to continue it on at a later date.

Smart Phones come out and information is exchanged. Digits input, you happily close the phone down and return it to your pocket. What you forgot is that most standard Contacts applications require you to hit Done before exiting – or else all of your newly gained information is lost forever! FastAdd has an answer for our sloppy Contact practices.

The first page, when it’s opened is a very simple form: Name, e-mail, phone. Your data is stored in the cache, so even if the phone is shut down, dropped or loses battery, whatever has already been typed in is stored. It’s a fast and easy way to make sure that all of your silver tongued talents don’t go to waste.

3. Bump

Best Mobile Organization AppsBump’s been around for a while now, which is a great thing because its effectiveness is dependant upon the premise that the person who you’ll be “Bumping” has also downloaded the mobile application.

When you turn Bump on it searches it’s immediate vicinity for another phone using the same app. When the phone is shaken, or bumped against its counterpart it sends out a file that contains all of your contact information. The amount of information that goes out can be customized from simply name and phone number to your entire contact card.

Bump continues to become more useful as our contact information expands to multiple e-mails, twitter accounts, phone numbers and addresses. Rather than tediously typing all of those keystrokes into your phone, Bump transfers the whole lot instantly, which makes your address book significantly cleaner and more organized than before.

4. Pageonce Personal Finance

Top Mobile Organization AppsThere really are few more embarrassing social situations than handing a card over to pay for a meal, groceries, etc. and hearing those dreaded words “I’m sorry, but your card’s been declined”. If only you had detailed records of all of your accounts you could easily have anticipated the amount needed and transferred money or changed your plans.

Pageonce does just that, collecting information from an incredible variety of sources to track and display right on your phone. The app is best for American accounts and has not yet expanded its usefulness into other markets.

Getting started is very simple: enter account information into the encrypted forms for debit, credit, phone, cable, airline, or hundreds of others. Pageonce will then populate your data into Balances, Transactions and Credit Cards tabs.

Using the app frequently will allow you to get an early jump on any fraudulent activity in your account, often even before the bank’s security systems. As an added bonus, Pageonce will also display your entire travel itinerary drawing information from your flight, hotel, car rental and any other accounts that you’ve registered. The result is a simple itemized list of what, where and how much money you’ve spent from the moment you leave your door until you return. For those of us who would rather focus on the tasks at hand than the finances around them, Pageonce makes life significantly easier.

5. Google Calendar

Top Mobile Organization ApplicationsGoogle sure is clever…Rather than bowing down to the Apps Stores of the world and submitting proposals, Google has gone ahead and created a new way of running applications on phones. Each of the Google features has a well optimized mobile page that is as smooth as nearly any app on the market. When on the pages, click “add to home page” and the page will appear right next to the rest of your Apple apps.

The calendar should be used to create appointments and invite participants. With your permission, the phone’s stock calendar will reach into your Google calendar, Outlook calendar and more to mesh them with the existing appointments already on the phone. The phone’s calendar, however, can’t generate messages, invite people or push the meeting onto other calendars, all of which can be accomplished easily with the Google Calendar app. The two calendars should be placed next to each other on the app list, one for creating and the other for reading.

Organize Your Life? There’s an App for That

A recent controversial article from Wired Magazine suggests that interaction with the web as we know it, is dead and that future interaction with the Internet will not be done through browsers but rather through apps.

It’s clear that applications – and mobile apps in particular – are not just a passing fad.

By utilizing any of the Top 5 mobile apps for organizing your life mentioned above, you’ll not only organize your present, you’ll have a jump on the future as well!

Do you agree with our Top 5 Apps List? What other mobile apps would you add to the list? Dial in by leaving a comment below.