Using Geo Location Based ServicesTwitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Yelp: they’re all proven performers in the field of community building and brand awareness.

Oftentimes, however, our goal is not to generate interest across the globe, but across the street.

Businesses that rely on foot traffic will find that their energies are best spent on local efforts; restaurants, galleries and entertainment can gain a huge following through blanket social media techniques that add value to the audience, but a worldwide cult following doesn’t put bums in the seats.

That’s where using geo location based services to target local customers comes in.

Top 5 Geo Location Based Services to Help You Reach Local Customers

  1. Google Places – Google is still the #1 search engine in the world. If your business is not already listed on this free local business listing platform, do it today!
  2. Yelp – The most populated geo location based application. Thousands of people crowd source their decisions on Yelp every day. Chances are that you’re already on there. Manage and monitor your brand before someone else does.
  3. Facebook Places – Facebook’s answer to Google Places. With Facebook actually overtaking Google as the world’s most visited website, it is MUST for your business to have a presence here.
  4. Foursquare & Gowalla – These two are geo location based services are relatively interchangeable and require little upkeep; make sure that people are finding a professional face when they’re searching for your brand
  5. Yahoo Local (US) Yahoo aggregates its own listings, but only for the US. Fill out the simple form and get on the map. Businesses elsewhere will have to search for their local provider.

Any time someone types a brand name in a search, the best brands will appear and provide a professional first impression. The secret is that any business of any size can achieve this result with very little or no cost.

Get your business listed on these five geo location based services and you’ll show up in more local search results, dominate pages where you used to simply arrive at or near the top, and provide local customers with the information they need wherever they’re searching for you.

Got a good case study of using geo location based apps you’d like to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below and you could be featured on an upcoming Fan Friday post.