Social media has revolutionized the way many businesses approach marketing, customer service, and even recruiting. For some brands, such as entertainment and consumer packaged goods, it seemed like a no brainer. But what about the less glamorous industries like construction or sanitation?

New data from the Construction Marketing Association revealed that an incredible 97 percent of construction professionals use social media in their marketing programs. That’s a seven percent increase over last year’s total. Additionally, 93 percent of those companies manage everything internally.

In terms of platforms used, LinkedIn is the most popular among construction professionals at 91 percent. Twitter (84 percent), Facebook (83 percent), YouTube (68 percent), blogs (47 percent), Google+ (40 percent), and Pinterest (26 percent) round out the top seven.

Each one has seen an increase in usage between two percent (Facebook) and 16 percent(Google+) since 2012. It’s also worth noting that the industry has adopted newer platforms like Instagram and Tumblr within the last year.

As for paid advertising, it looks like the industry is still warming up to the idea. Only 12 percent of construction professionals use paid ads on LinkedIn, followed by 11 percent on Facebook and two percent on Twitter. In fact, 83 percent don’t use paid advertising at all.

In the infographic below you’ll find more data, including the ways in which social media has helped the construction industry and what the most and least effective in doing so.


[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: Michel Filion]