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15 Pro Blogging Tips Every Marketer Needs to Know

There is no better way to combine content marketing, social media marketing and SEO than blogging. Let’s take a look at just how powerful and effective blogging can be: Companies that blog get 97% more…

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HIPAA, PHIPA & Social: Keeping a Pulse on the Rules of Patient Engagement

Patients are becoming increasingly more social, and healthcare professionals are using different online tools to reach and educate them. Early on, regulations and privacy concerns limited how patients and providers used social media, but adoption has…

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37 Digital Marketing Tools That Make Life Easier

Isn’t there something extremely meta about using a software tool to drive people to your own software tool? It may seem like a funny concept, but if we didn’t use each other’s software tools for our marketing,…

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Ultimate Guide to Dominating Social Video Marketing

If you’re looking for an unforgettable video campaign, look no further than Lowe’s #lowesfixinsix Vine videos. Not only did the series boost the brand’s visibility on Vine, but it earned the company a ton of…

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How to Write Instagram Bios for Businesses

Even though they’re an important part of everything we do online, we don’t give enough thought to our bios. We often hurry through the profile fields like we’re filling out a random form that no…

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#SproutChat: Top Strategies for Digital Agencies

The landscape for digital media and marketing agencies is getting more crowded. To be competitive, agencies must stay informed of changes in algorithms and settings among social media channels. They also must study effective tactics…

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21 Instagram Apps Every Marketer Should Try

An average of 70,000,000 photos are posted to Instagram every single day. If those were actual print photos on the standard 10.5 millimeter photo paper,  they’d stack up to be 83 times times taller than Mount…

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Meet Team Sprout: Jack, Product Manager

Sprout recently launched our new Instagram integration, and it has all of us around the office taking mad selfies day in and day out. Since the Meet Team Sprout series is our chance to introduce…

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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Social Media ROI

Social media ROI is one of the most heavily debated topics in the online marketing world. Why? Because measuring the effectiveness of social media marketing efforts isn’t as clear cut as, say, running Google AdWords…


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