According to a leaked video, the next version of Microsoft Office Suite will include cloud-like features, which will allow you to access and edit documents remotely.

The 30-second demo video — obtained by WithinWindows — focuses on the portability of the updated Office Suite. Additionally, it appears that the Microsoft is rebranding the software as Office 15.

Through a standard sign-in process, you’ll be able to keep track of all your documents and store them on Microsoft’s cloud-based SkyDrive — which is similar to services like Dropbox. Microsoft has fallen behind in terms of cloud-based document services, something that competitors like Google Docs and Apple’s iWork/iCloud already offer customers.

Currently Office 15 is only available to a limited group of private testers; however, a public beta release is expected by this summer. A final version is slated for 2013.

Office 15 will pack a major update for businesses that still rely on Microsoft software. Instead of branching out to alternative services, all of your documents and collaborations can take place under one login.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Robert Scoble]