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Add value - rise above the noise
Add value – rise above the noise

Add Value. Be Useful.

There is no better way to facilitate success with social media than by adding value to your audience.

While adding value can mean a multitude of things depending on the particulars of your business – success is usually defined by the provision of useful information (typically links) with a little humor, generosity and sincerity.

Some businesses can get away with simply pushing their product through their social media channels, replying to inquiries and connecting to next to no one. Surprisingly, many of the companies who employ this approach also have multi-million dollar marketing budgets, and are only just starting to come around to the concept of adding value.

If you’re reading this article, we’re going to assume you don’t fall in the mega marketing budget category (and if you do, let’s just talk on the phone and figure out a strategy that works~!). In absence of that, the best rule of thumb is just to focus on being useful.

Tips on Adding Value to your Twitter Following:

  • Post links to relevant information, whether it comes from your company or somewhere else.
  • Share interesting bits of information about your business that people might relate to. Not about your products necessarily, but about your employees, accomplishments, etc.
  • Ask for feedback from your audience. Customers feel empowered when they are listened to.
  • Reach out to people who discuss your business and find out how you can add value to their day.
  • Be available. Too often messages to businesses on Twitter and other social networks go unanswered. If you have a presence, your audience will expect that you’re listening.

Follow to Get More Followers

Follow to Get More followersBeyond being useful, growing your audience requires some proactive relationship building.

Follow people who talk about your brand.
Follow people who frequent other nearby businesses.
Follow other people in your industry.

And be sure to follow your fans back! People like to feel connected, especially if they’ve reached out or followed you first. But don’t expect everyone to come to you – set some time aside to go out and introduce yourself. Get involved in conversations outside of your typical ‘network’.

How to Recognize and Manage ‘Signal to Noise’

signal to noise 3
pinpoint where you can add value

Beware companies with hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers who are only following a handful of people themselves. This tends to send a strong signal that the company does not truly care to connect with their audience.


Of course, the case can be made that following all of their fans would make the dialogue too noisy or manageable, but tools such as Sprout Social can help remedy that problem!

Have Your Say…

What are some of the ways that you’ve leveraged Twitter to add value to your audience?

Have you encountered businesses using Twitter to add value or interact with you? Add value by leaving a comment below!