The year is coming to a close, but that hasn’t stopped Google from squeezing in one more update. In the coming weeks, the search giant will introduce an analytics product for businesses using its social platform.

Doing so will give you access to as much data as possible about your Google+ Page and +1 activity. This includes who’s interacting with your Page and how, fan demographics, and more information about fan activities like +1′s, shares, and comments.

In other good news, Google+ Pages can now communicate with all members of the service. Previously, Business Pages were unable to +1, share, or comment on posts made by individuals that didn’t have you in their Circles. Now it appears that restriction has been removed, allowing you to engage and interact across the platform.

This is a significant move that should help to increase your engagement — an issue that has been the focus of the social network since it launched in 2011. Keep in mind that while communication channels are open, this shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to spam people.

As Google allows for more interaction, it’ll be important for you to be able to track that engagement to help you learn how your social campaigns affect your overall goals — just like with any other social media platform.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Anton Fomkin]