At the Where 2.0 conference last week, co-founder of foursquare, Dennis Crowley, spoke about what’s coming next for the popular check-in service. It started with the March update that included the Explore feature, suggesting where users can go based on their previous check-ins.

The next step Crowley is considering for foursquare’s almost 10 million users is the ability to enter not just where they are, but where they are going to be. This could make it easier to plan events and check-in together with friends.

Automatic check-in is also high on the list for future features. The more information foursquare can gather about the users location, the better it can recommend new and interesting places.

For a small or local business, foursquare can be a powerful way for happy customers to recommend you to others nearby. When future check-ins are implemented, what foursquare users say about your business will be even more important.

Creating events for foursquare users to plan for and share with friends will be another important tactic to engaging new customers. As will working with foursquare to set up the technology necessary to enable automatic check-in when and if that becomes available.

For now, offering special discounts for check-ins and for being the top check-in user is the best tactic for generating new customers through foursquare. And giving those customers the best service so they leave positive comments for others to read will lay the ground work for future foursquare features.

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