Posts You Missed 3 Shots of FoursquareYou’re busy. We get that.

And we understand that occasionally you may miss a post from Sprout Social: Insights.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.


So, for your reading pleasure and your social media edification, we’re reintroducing a few posts you might have missed.

1. How To List Your Business on Foursquare

Don’t have a Foursquare account yet? Don’t even know what Foursquare is?

Well, Foursquare is a popular social media application that invites users to “check in” to businesses and other venues using their mobile phones. Since these check-ins are optionally broadcast to all that user’s friends on Facebook and Twitter — it’s a great way for businesses to get exposure to an entire network of new potential customers – assuming that business is listed on Foursquare (and is paying attention).

We introduce you to everything you need to get started with Foursquare in our post: How To List Your Business on Foursquare

2. How To Use Foursquare to Compete With a National Brand

Ok, now you have a Foursquare account but you still wondering how to use it.

Well, one of the really neat things about Foursquare is that it’s a ‘hyperlocal’ application – that is – local customers are showing up right at your shop front and identifying themselves to you (and all of their friends).

This tends to give a real advantage to local focused businesses – especially when compared to national brands who might not have a means to capitalize on a local market.

Our post How To Use Foursquare to Compete With a National Brand provides some real world examples of how you can use the power of Foursquare to take on the big boys.

3. Want Proof That Foursquare Works For Business?

So, perhaps you’re still a little skeptical about Foursquare. Sure, it allows you to interact with customers when they are at your place of business but can it actually grow your business?

Our post Want Proof That Foursquare Works For Business provides some compelling statistics from a local burger joint that prove Foursquare is indeed good for business.

What do you say?

Have you had success using Foursquare? Not sure if Foursquare is right for your type of business? Let is know by leaving a comment below and you could be featured on the next Fan Friday post.

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