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Take it away Russ!

Today’s Twitter Tip Tuesday: Show a Little Q and A

As a business, you’re now set up on Twitter. Things are moving forward – you are regularly tweeting and organically growing your followers. But what do you do with the followers once you have them? What will keep them from leaving? And why does this sound like my dating life?

Two words: Get engaged.

(Don’t freak out – I’m not talking marriage, here. Just…talking!)

And one of the best ways to engage your followers is to pose questions and provide answers…Q and A, get it?

I Have a Question

Your followers are a resource, with their own experiences and ideas about your products and services. Draw from them. Engage with them. People love demonstrating their knowledge, so let them. Your relationship will be better for it.

Focus on your products or service: What do they think of your widget’s latest feature? What about your service should you stop doing? What should you start doing? How do I look in these jeans? (OK, forget the last one).

Asking for advice or posing survey questions are both great connectors too. Getting people talking to you on topics they are genuinely interested in could also bring others into the conversation.

By asking your followers for their knowledge on your business, you will receive valuable feedback with dual benefits: improving the product/service and building a customer relationship through inclusiveness. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s your Answer

What better way to flex some brainpower than to answer questions? By proactively answering a question or solving a problem relating to your business or industry, you are establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Suddenly, you are the “go to” person for all things _______ (insert your widget here).

There are a lot of benefits to being a resource. People that you help will follow you if they aren’t already, they’ll come to you with any future questions and they’ll help spread your message as well. Not a bad way to start a relationship!


Don’t be too random with your questions or your answers. If you stray too far or too often from your field of expertise, it may confuse your followers as to what exactly you’re a resource for (i.e. Why does the elevator company have such a fascination with ketchup?).

So there you have it…To grow your following and to establish you and your brand as a thought leader, don’t be afraid to show a little Twitter Q and A!

What do you say?

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