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  • Customer Care

How to Build a Dynamic Social Media Team

It wasn’t long ago when organizations asked themselves if they actually needed a social media presence. Nowadays, most businesses have at least considered gathering a social media team or at the minimum, finding the right…

  • Community Mgmt

#SproutChat Recap: Audience Targeting

Audience targeting on social can be an effective way to distribute messaging to specific subsets of your brand’s communities. Targeting is defined differently on each network and there are a number of options for organic post targeting, as…

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  • Twitter

A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Twitter Video

Twitter is one of the most established social media platforms available to businesses today, which has created a lot of stiff competition. As a result, trying to differentiate yourself from the millions of other companies…

instagram marketing strategy
  • Instagram

How to Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram, with more than 40 billion images shared and 400 million monthly active users, generates an average of 80 million photos per day. The mobile-based photo- and video-sharing social network powers the sharing of images…

  • Sprout Engineering
  • Team Sprout

Meet Team Sprout: Alex C., Software Engineer

Here at Sprout, we put a strong emphasis on helping employees grow: as new professionals, as managers and as part of the team. It’s particularly rewarding to see the growth of team members for whom…

  • Analytics

YouTube Analytics for Social Media Marketers

Are you using YouTube to upload and share videos as part of your social media strategy? If so, you need to know who’s watching and how you can increase views and engagement. Your content strategy…

  • Advocacy
  • Community Mgmt

#SproutChat Recap: Employee & Brand Advocacy

The topic of advocacy has been on the rise. From companies looking for ways to harness the power of their employees’ social communities to more brands enlisting loyal customers to speak on a company’s behalf, organizations…

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  • How To

Mobile Video & Consistency: What Your 2016 Content Strategy Needs to Succeed

Companies are becoming publishers and producing more content than ever before. Every brand is competing for attention. With an influx of social channels launching each month, even with the proper goals, it’s easy for content marketing efforts to fall behind. Ensure your content…


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