If you are the administrator on your company’s Facebook Page, you’ll now see an arrow next to the Notifications link in the right hand column of the page. Clicking on that will open up a drop down box showing you the latest activity of your fans.

Activities such as a fan Liking your Page or leaving a comment on an update will be listed allowing you to keep up on the latest Page interaction by your Fans. At the bottom of the drop down box is a link taking you to a page showing a longer list of Notifications.

While this is helpful is tracking active fans, a little more detail would be useful. Knowing that Fan2345 Likes your link is great to know, but you don’t know what update that link is referring to unless you click on it.

One feature that is helpful is the ability to keep updated with Notifications via RSS Feed. When you click over to the Notifications page from your Facebook Page, there is a link at the top to send updates via RSS reader. You can then use Google Reader or one of the other popular RSS programs to stay informed of your company’s Facebook Page activity.