With the goal of connecting businesses and their customers, Foursquare has improved its integration with Twitter. Starting today, if you manage a business on Foursquare, you’ll now have the option to display your Twitter handle when someone tweets his or her check-in at your venue.

Now, instead of a customer saying he or she is at “Business XYZ,” the tweet will say that he or she is “at @BusinessXYZ.” This makes it much easier (and quicker) for you or your community managers to reach out to customers who love your business.

If you manage a single location on Foursquare and have already connected your Twitter account, this change will happen automatically. However, if you manage multiple locations or want to connect your Twitter account, log in and visit http://foursquare.com/tools. Here you’ll also have the ability to turn this feature on or off.

The new Twitter integration is the second business-focused update announced by Foursquare this week. On Tuesday, the company introduced a new mobile app, Foursquare for Business, that helps business owners share important news, view recent check-ins, turn specials on and off, and more.

[Image credit: Nan Palmero]