When Promoted Posts first launched in May 2012, there was a lot of suspicion about Facebook reducing brands’ reach to force them into promoting their posts. Since then, studies showed that brands weren’t intentionally being punished, but some advertisers don’t seem convinced. To help dispel fears, Wisemetrics looked at how Promoted Posts impact future posts’ organic reach.

The company randomly selected 5,000 promoted posts from 1,500 Pages to analyze. For each promoted post, it compared the organic part of its reach to the organic reach from the 10 un-promoted previous posts. Wisemetrics found that paying to promote your posts won’t reduce your organic reach.

On the graph below, you can see that the media relationship between organic impressions for promoted posts and usual un-promoted posts is really close. This means that for 1,000 organic impressions when not paying, you get 1,000 organic impressions when paying. According to the company, small promoted posts are getting a better share of organic impressions than they would had they not been promoted.


The study also looked at negative feedback. According to Wisemetrics, success or negative feedback had no effect on future unpaid posts. That said, this doesn’t give brands a free pass to be spammy. It’s also worth noting that extra buzz received from one Promoted Post doesn’t translate into improved visibility for future posts.

“Brands shouldn’t be afraid of promoting posts, and apparently, there’s no need to wait for a post to wear down,” explained Wisemetrics co-founder Benjamin Ray. “Promoting it early won’t cannibalize organic results. If promoting a post won’t help you increase your future audience, at least it doesn’t hurt.”

[Image credit: Anita Hart]