Now that Instagram has video, you’re probably eager to give it a try. Even though you might be using a social channel like YouTube, creating an exceptionally short 15-second video takes a little more time to think through because you don’t have a second to spare. Without a plan, you’ll just be shooting random footage.

There are a number of creative brands doing amazing things with these short form videos. They’re solidifying their brand identities, making creative (and quick) demos, giving their fans a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of their company, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more effective ways brands are using Instagram video.

1. Going Behind the Scenes


Sports fans clamour for any news about their favourite players, especially when they’re injured. Kobe Bryant showed off the ultimate behind-the-scenes clip of his first walk after removing his cast post Achilles tendon surgery. Though not all of your behind-the-scenes opportunity will be as juicy as a famed basketball player’s road to recovery, think about what kinds of scoops you can give to your loyal Instagram followers before sending out the press release.

Although Kobe Bryant got away with a less-than-stellar quality video, you want to make sure you give your followers the best quality you can produce. Some brands have really done an excellent job of this in the short time Instagram video has been live. Burberry’s behind-the-scenes look at their menswear Spring/Summer 2014 line showcased a feel for the event and gave beautiful shots of their products. It’s a great showcase that gives loyal followers a first look at what’s happening at Burberry.

2. Giving Demos and How Tos


You know your products best and even with a short video, you can show off so much more than just with a picture. For example, West Elm showcased a very colourful pillow against a variety of fabrics showing how versatile the product is. In this case, showing the pillow in a variety of ways allows followers to see its potential. Otherwise, West Elm’s customers might just perceive the pillow as a busy pattern that won’t match anything.

Victoria’s Secret had the same idea in mind when it showcased endless combinations of its swimwear with the brands’ inaugural Instagram video. The company is hoping to inspire its followers by showing off a combination of outfits that shoppers might like.

3. Supporting Their Brand’s Identity


Lululemon is all about yoga and yoga gear. The company captured its brand identity and birthplace poignantly with its first Instagram clip by showcasing yoga, clothes, and the picturesque backgrounds of the company’s British Columbia, Canada headquarters. If you know nothing of Lululemon, this short video definitely gives you the essence of the brand’s personality.

4. Launching a Campaign


Michael Kors wants to rally its followers behind a hashtag, so it put together an Instagram video to launch it, complete with a narrator. The voiceover says, “#InstaKors, my life in an instant.” It’s an impactful way to get followers to remember the hashtag and motivate them to use to it to create some user-generated content for the brand.

5. Being Original and Entertaining


Being original and entertaining is definitely an extension of your brand identity. Target has chosen to focus on an overarching theme in its current #SummerUp campaign. The brand has been doing a number of amazing creative videos on Vine. With the extended time that Instagram video allows for, we’re sure to see more creativity from the whimsical department store, like its premiere Instagram video that plays on a windmill theme and sends the camera spinning.

What are some of your favourite brands doing with Instagram video? Please share your favorites with us in the comments.

[Image Credits: Jan SmithRobert Sheie, John Martinez PavligaTed EytanKeith Tyler]