Many businesses view YouTube as the place to see funny viral videos or watch a clip from their favorite shows. But it also can be used as another social marketing tool to add to your arsenal. And now new analytics are being introduced by YouTube making it easier than ever to track the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

Similar to your Facebook strategy, commenting, sharing and posting on YouTube will help you reach potential customers and spread the word for your product or service.

Until now, YouTube’s metrics didn’t provide much useful feedback. Google, YouTube’s parent company, has taken steps to beef up those tools by integrating more detailed graphs and charts, similar to its own Google Analytics service for website engagement tracking.

A new Demographics Report will break down the age and gender of your viewers for you. From this you will be able to tell if you are attracting the target market for your business. You can see demographic breakdowns per video to understand which of your uploads are doing well and which are bringing in the wrong kind of potential customer.

When you have more than a few videos uploaded, you can create a channel, which is a page on YouTube that only plays your content. Viewers can post on your channel page and subscribe to it, meaning they will get updates when you add new videos. Another new analytical tool added to YouTube shows you how many subscribers you have gained or lost every day.  It will even show you what video they watched that made them choose to subscribe to your channel.

The Traffic Sources Report will show how your viewers are finding you. It not only tracks viewers who arrive from Facebook or Twitter links, but from different areas of YouTube. For example, you will see how many found you by clicking on your video in YouTube’s related video sidebar, by typing in YouTube’s search box or through a YouTube advertisement.

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