Writing an Exceptional Twitter Bio

This post is part of our Twitter for Business: Fundamentals Series.

Aside from your photo (avatar) and your latest tweets, you bio line is the piece of information most people use to determine if you will be valuable for them to follow on Twitter.  Those three pieces of information amount to your online business card and are equally important if you want to grow your audience.

Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, and they don’t give you many more (160) to describe yourself when writing your bio. It’s no more than a couple lines to tell the Twitter community who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you.  It’s your opportunity to differentiate yourself and highlight your contribution to the community.

Some services, like our own Sprout Social and TweepSearch allow users to search for relevant profiles using information in the bio field. This is another reason you want to make sure your bio properly relays your usefulness to the community and should contain some of the most relevant keywords.

A few tips on writing your bio:

  • Include keywords that indicate what you do
  • Save space by not repeating your business name or website, those should already be present
  • Clever is fun, as long as it doesn’t mean you’re leaving out important information
  • Give the reader some idea of the things they can expect to get by following you (industry news, humor, discounts, etc.)

Just in case you haven’t seen it, this is what a Twitter profile looks like to others (the shaded areas indicate the areas most often viewed when determining if users want to follow someone).

Twitter Profile
@KISSMetrics is also a great example of using a custom Twitter background to share more information about your business.

It’s similar to your Twitter home page, but offers other users more detail about your business.  You can change your Bio information by clicking “Profile” in the top navigation menu when you are signed in to Twitter.com

Uses will often click on the URL you provide to learn more about you, so make sure you have it filled out, and it points to a page that properly represents you.

Your bio can be changed at anytime, so feel free to experiment and ask for feedback.

Is it time to update your bio? How important is a users bio in your decision to engage with them?