As a community or social media manager, it’s unlikely that you’re monitoring just one profile on a single social network. While each platform has its own strengths, most strategies involve establishing a presence on more than one.

But as social media evolves, so do the rules. Most platforms make regular, and often necessary, adjustments to their layouts and features. This year alone, both Google+ and YouTube launched redesigned pages with cover photos, Facebook tweaked its Timeline layout and introduced a new cover photo policy, and LinkedIn adopted a more digital media-friendly model.

For those managing multiple pages and profiles, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the different dimensions, assets, and customization options available on each one. With that in mind, Tent Social has put together a social media design infographic that contains the image heights and widths for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

It’s a “ridiculously exhaustive” resource, but incredibly valuable for community managers and designers. We’ve already discussed the importance of visuals in social media marketing, and this infographic serves as a great up-to-date blueprint for your team. The only downside is that as soon as you’ve updated everything, it’s likely to change again.

The Ridiculously Exhaustive Social Media Design Blueprint

social media design blueprint

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: Todd Ehlers]