This week Facebook introduced several new requirements for developers submitting applications and Open Graph actions for approval.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that more than 400 billion Open Graph actions had been shared. It’s only fair to assume that number has grown. For developers, getting people to share their activity with your Facebook App is almost as important as getting them to use it in the first place. Not only do these stories help create awareness for your app, but also for your brand.

Previously Facebook made it easier to create custom actions, and now the social network will simplify the review process. Moving forward, you’ll be required to submit at least two screenshots of the app user flow and one screenshot of what your action will look like when published to Timeline.

Also, apps that use icons that don’t fill the entire space should use a transparent background. This seems like a good time to remind you that, thanks to Facebook’s News Feed revamp, apps now display larger images to help activity-related stories stand out more. Any image associated with your app, be it a logo or screenshot, should be high quality.


And finally, app category is now a required field in order to make it easier for Facebook to surface apps in App Center and Search. Categories include puzzle games, action games, lifestyle apps, photos apps, and more. Last October, Facebook said 220 million people visit App Center each month.

If your app is already up and running, and you don’t plan on adding any additional actions, then these new requirements won’t affect you. However, if you’re just beginning the app process, or want to create custom actions, read over the new requirements and take a look at the rest of Facebook’s Open Graph documentation.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Johannes Fuchs]