LinkedIn is no longer just a tool for job hunting and professional networking. With a collection of business-friendly features — from Company Pages and Sponsored Updates to engagement-hungry Groups — LinkedIn is a prime target for businesses looking to expand their social presence.

As LinkedIn continues to shift, many business leaders are faced with a challenge trying to balance their brand’s online properties and identity as well as their own. When people research your company, they look at your LinkedIn profile as well as those of your team. Managing this dual identity can be difficult, but when done well it can deliver new opportunities.

To better understand how businesses are succeeding in this area, the company held its first-ever LinkedIn Live event where it sat with local business leaders to hear how they’re using the platform to grow their brands. As a result, LinkedIn compiled 20 tips to amplify your brand using LinkedIn into a single slideshow as a resource for other businesses looking to ramp up efforts on the social network.

The slideshow includes some obvious tips, such as engaging in LinkedIn Groups and sharing compelling content. However, it also featured advice on how to engage your team on LinkedIn. For example, getting your employees outside of the marketing team in your Company Page can help increase your brand’s visibility to new customers and potential hires. This can be as simple as encouraging your team to add the company to their profiles, and ensuring they have an updated and compelling profile.

It was also suggested that you integrate LinkedIn into your wider online presence. There are plenty of ways for customers to find you online — Twitter, Facebook, your website, and so on — but they might not always know where to go. LinkedIn recommends connecting these properties to give your brand more opportunities to be found. Take a look at your other web properties and consider how they’re connected to LinkedIn.

All 20 tips can be found in the SlideShare on LinkedIn’s blog. Even if you feel confident in your current LinkedIn strategy, we recommend taking a look — you never know what you might learn.

[Image credit: Jeffrey Smith]