Klout, a startup that measures social media influence, has announced that it is now including LinkedIn into its calculations.

Until now, Klout has based its analysis of social media influence on Twitter and Facebook accounts. It looks at a number of factors to determine your ability to drive action in the social media universe. Klout takes into consideration measurements such as how many Twitter followers you have, their influence, Facebook likes and other data points.

No word on what elements in LinkedIn Klout will be looking at, but number of connections and how influential those connections are in the same field is most likely the primary focus.

Klout scores are starting to draw attention. Just last month Klout introduced a new service that connects influential Klout users with top brands. And soon others may be looking at your Klout score when you Tweet to decide if you really know what you are talking about.

Signing up for their service is free and can be done on their main website.

[Image: Beneath_B1ue_Skies]