It’s Facebook Friday — each week we’ll offer one tip for leveraging Facebook to increase customer awareness of and engagement with your brand or business. Last week, we showed you how to change the picture associated with your Facebook Page. This week we’re going to tackle customizing the strip of 5 photos that runs across the top of your page.

First, upload pictures into an album. On the left sidebar of your company’s Facebook Page, under the profile picture, there are a list of links for your page. Click on Photos. On the photo page, click on the Upload Photos button in the upper right hand corner right above the admin bar.

After you uploaded the pictures you want, go back to the main page and you should see them in the strip. Facebook displays the last 5 photos you have uploaded or tagged. The order they are displayed in is random and unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about that.

If you want to see photos that you have previously uploaded or tagged instead, you need to do some pruning. Hover your mouse over the picture in the strip that you don’t want and you’ll see an X appear in the corner of it. Click on the X and it will remove the picture from the strip. It won’t delete the photo from your page, so no worries there. Keep removing pictures from the strip until you get the 5 that you want.

If you click away an image that you decide you want, you can fix that. Click on the Edit Page button in the upper right hand corner, then on the Profile Picture link on the left sidebar. If you have hidden any photos from the strip, you will see a box labeled Unhide All. Click on that to restore all the photos you’ve hidden. Unfortunately, there you have to go back to your front page and rehide all the ones you didn’t want again.

There’s no way to change the order of the shots on the strip that I know of. If anyone has any suggestions for that trick, please write it in the comment section below.