when not to blog
Blogging comes with benefits, but only when done right

Until very recently, blogs were seen by most businesses as being places for rumors to generate and young people to exchange ideas – interesting forums but not particularly useful.

That has quickly changed and the common perception now is that a blog is a mandatory element of any effective online business personality. That’s quite the shift, and the timeline has been no more than just a few years, but is it correct?

If you find Blogging ‘Painful’ then you Shouldn’t be Doing it

The pendulum has swung so far that now the internet is cluttered with posts written by uninterested authors writing on topics that they know little or nothing about. The worst part of the posts is that oftentimes they’re written by business owners who find the process to be painful and who may be thinking they could be spending their time elsewhere much more efficiently.

Those people have likely heard of the benefits of a well-run blog, which are significant, and are willing to put in the extra effort to gain them, but they may be better off approaching the blogging world with a different strategy.

Are you Passionate about Your Blog? Your Brand?

The brutal truth is that blogs written without passion end up doing damage to the brand every time they are read.

The intention of a blog, besides SEO benefits, is to associate a certain quality or emotion with a brand. Fashion brands blog about stylish, cutting edge events, parties, clothing etc. because they are creating a positive association in the readers’ minds between the content of the blog and their brand. Similarly, Real Estate brokers blog about savvy, profitable ventures because their customers should see them as being both savvy and profitable.

Clearly, associating dispassion with your brand will leave you worse off than before.

Define what it is that you are passionate about and determine if that subject aligns with your brand’s desired characteristics. If so, write. The words will come easily and topics will flow effortlessly because it’s what you live and breathe.

If your business and passions don’t align, you may or may not be in the wrong business, but you definitely shouldn’t be writing about it. Consider becoming a content aggregator, micro-blogging, or even outsourcing the content generation.

Become a Content Aggregator

The Internet is rife with content generated every day by people who love writing about nearly every topic imaginable. Rather than forcing yourself to write uninteresting articles, approach a few of the best bloggers in your realm, asking to republish and promote their content.

Most writers will eagerly agree to such a proposal because their goals are often to increase the number of people who read their writing or build links to their site, both of which you will be providing.

Try Micro-blogging

Micro-blogging is a real option because it requires very little effort or planning yet encourages a community feel around your brand. Sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Plurk, for example, all enable you to post quick updates about what is going on and what’s new without forcing you to go into any sort of contextual detail. They are also easy ways to share others’ content with the community, thereby building your own reputation as an industry expert.


Finally, if you are determined to host your own blog but don’t have the time, inclination or ability to write it yourself, outsource the creation of your content.

Every University is filled with passionate young people who would love to have their voices heard for a minimal cost. Similarly, your ideal blogger may already work for you and be thrilled to blog about your industry in return for an afternoon off every week.

Alternatively, the Internet is a great place to find people to write content on your behalf. Sites like WriterFind and FindMyWriter or even Craigslist make those potential contacts easy to find.

The bottom line is that there are so many talented, passionate people blogging about such a diverse array of topics for little or no compensation that it just doesn’t make sense to blog if you don’t love it.

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