Yelp recently added a small but noteworthy feature to its service that highlights rich content added to the site. Not only are consumers able to write reviews about their experiences with local businesses, they’re also able to upload photos that will now appear directly in-line with their text.

This means that Yelp visitors will see images as they’re reading reviews, instead of having to click to view all the photos at the top of the page. This should be a welcome change for individuals who take time to carefully craft their assessments.

The feature is quite simple. Yelp will match photos and reviews contributed by the same Yelp user for the same business and display them together on that business’ Yelp page. Given how important photos are to the marketing experience, this small but important change should help potential customers better visualize what your business has to offer.

How important are photos on Yelp? According to the company, people stay on business listings with photos about 2.5 times longer than those without.


It’s clear that you now have more incentive than ever to manage your business’ presence online. Reviews now impact your would-be customers’ ability to discover you, so now more than ever it’s important that you respond to reviews and use other social platforms to make sure your customers have the best possible experience when they walk in.

Yelp’s newest feature is now live on and the Yelp mobile site. There’s no word on whether it’ll be supported on mobile apps.

[Image credit: Pier-Luc Bergeron]