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Every Tuesday we’ll focus on just one (1) Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy.

Today’s Twitter Tuesday Tip: Introduce People

Sounds simple right, introduce people…But introduce who… and to whom?

For answers to these questions and also the bigger question of “why?” read on…

One + One does not equal YOU

In a recent post, we told you that in the social media world, it’s always better to give than to receive. And what better way to give than taking yourself out of the equation and focusing on other people instead.

When trying to decide who you might introduce on Twitter, consider the following things your followers may have in common:

  • Location (ie: they live in the same city)
  • Industry (ie: they have similar jobs)
  • Interests (ie: they all like Nanaimo bars, for example).

If you’re interactive on Twitter at all, you will constantly run into different people who have something in common with each other. But don’t leave it at that. Take the initiative and introduce the two parties. They’ll not only thank you for the introduction but you’ll also reap social media ‘street cred’ in the process.

A Twitter Introduction…by the Numbers

The screenshot below is a great example of how introducing people on Twitter can benefit everyone involved. In this case, even though the @Sprout_Insights account is not based in New York City, I noticed that several of my recent followers were all from NYC.

Here’s how the introduction went down, by the numbers…

Connecting People on Twitter

1. I introduced @Streetforce1 to @justindigital @mlperryny and @roynaim – all of whom are in New York. I also added some witty repartee and hashtags for good measure.

2. @Roynaim throws a mention and a little Twitter love and appreciation my way. Social Media street cred anyone? Check.

3. @Roynaim takes the initiative and follows up the initial introduction with a reply to @justindigital. The Twitter love keeps rolling on. W00t!

4. @justindigital gets in on the act and keeps the new conversation going. The introduction is completely out of my hands and operating on its own momentum now.

5. Bam! There it is. A completely unsolicited, organic endorsement of the @Sprout_Insights brand to all of @justindigital and @roynaim ‘s followers.

Bonus Points

About a day or so later, I received replies from the other two “introductees”:


and @mlperryny:

Between the 4 people I’d introduced, the @Sprout_Insights brand got at least 4 or 5 mentions to a combined total of about 25,000 followers, our own larger audience of followers saw us engaging directly with them and most importantly, a bunch of new followers became engaged with us.

If there’s such a thing as a win-win-win-win situation, then introducing people on Twitter is definitely it!


Thanks to @streetforce1 @mlperryny @justindigital and @roynaim for participating so generously in this Twitter introduction. With a little good fortune some of the readers of this post may be inspired to start some Twitter introductions of their own.

Would you like to introduce someone on Twitter to the readers of the Sprout: Insights Blog? Hyperlink to their Twitter accounts by leaving an anchored text comment below.