Wanted - Your Twitter Success StoriesFor almost a year now, every Tuesday we’ve highlighted one Twitter tip and showed you how to implement it your social media strategy.

Twitter Tip Tuesday has proven to be immensely popular, and we’d like to invite you to submit your own Twitter success stories to be considered for future Twitter Tip Tuesday articles. Our goal is to reiterate the value of using Twitter for business by highlighting real world success stories from our readers.

Twitter has helped many businesses and professionals find success, and everyone’s story is different, with different lessons to learn. We believe your story could be valuable to our other readers.

What We’re Looking For

What We're Looking For

We’re interested in metrics, like how you’ve expanded your Twitter following, or how you’ve generated “x” number of sales as a direct result of your Twitter campaign. But we’re also interested in human interest stories about Twitter and why you’re passionate about using this particular platform in the promotion of your brand.

We’d like to hear from all verticals, whether you’re the sole proprietor of a marketing company, or the CEO of a major hotel. If Twitter has helped your business and you’ve got a compelling or instructive story that will benefit our readership at large, then we want to feature you and your business in an upcoming Twitter Tip Tuesday article.

If you’re game, we can even arrange an online interview and include pictures or video of your story. It could give you valuable exposure along with links back to your online outposts. Your story will also be tweeted and retweeted to thousands of potential readers, along with links to the article on Sprout Social’s Facebook Page.

Submit your story via email to insights@sproutsocial.com. Grab our attention — let us know why your story needs to be told and what lessons can be learned and applied from your experiences. In addition to your Twitter success story, please provide us with your Twitter account name, your website and an email address where we can reach you, should we require additional details.

Thank you all in advance for your participation. We look forward to sharing your Twitter success stories, and inspiring other businesses in the process.

[Image Credits: xotoko, techne]