Sprout Social has introduced two new features to their social media management toolset: a browser bookmarklet and the ability to target the location of your Facebook readers who will see a particular status update.

The bookmarklet allows you to use your browser to share great content you find on the web through your Sprout Social account. Because of this close integration, all your metrics and click-tracking will be available to you as if you shared the content directly through the Sprout Social client.

Also new from Sprout Social is the ability to customize who sees your Facebook updates by city or state of the reader. This is a recent addition within Facebook itself and now Sprout Social allows you to do the same thing.

These are only the latest features that Sprout Social is rolling out this year. Keep an eye on Insights for more announcements about upcoming enhancements coming to the social media management tool.

This is an update on Sprout Social, our web-based app that helps businesses navigate the social web. Get started with your free trial to see Sprout Social in action.