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Publish to Multiple Social Networks

Sprout lets you post messages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn simultaneously from one easy-to-use message composition tool. Shorten links, attach photos, target your audience on Facebook, customize your posts and much more.

Multiple Networks

Draft Messages for Easy Approval

Whether you want to jot down a quick idea for a post or save content for peer review, the Drafts feature in Sprout helps you capture your thoughts for future social publishing.

Save Drafts
Visible to All Drafts are aggregated and visible to the whole team so it’s easy to save a message for review.
Team calendar

Team Content Calendar

Sprout’s shared Team Content Calendar gives you a comprehensive view of scheduled messages across your entire team. Review published content, make changes to the existing schedule and add content where needed.

Keep Your Content Calendar Stocked with Our Easy Sharing Options

Queue Content for Effortless Scheduling

With Sprout Queue you can easily add content to a publishing queue for automated future delivery. Add content from Sprout’s web, mobile or browser extension applications to streamline the publishing process.

Boost Social Engagement
with ViralPost®

Designed to maximize engagement with social content, our ViralPost® technology analyzes your audience to determine the optimal times to deliver content based on usage & engagement patterns, content velocity and other factors.

Measure Your Effectiveness with
Sent Message Stats

Quickly identify messages that resonate with your audience and reach the most people. See specific message performance for Twitter & Facebook and track the results.

Sprout Social Smart Inbox

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