Last week, we invited you to share how you’d use $1,000 to enhance the social media marketing efforts of your business and engage with customers, and we promised we’d give that same amount of money to a business with great ideas.

Thanks to everyone who submitted your ideas! There’s something powerful about taking the time to write down your objectives, and I hope this exercise was helpful to everyone in getting a plan together.

As I read the submissions and looked over my team’s evaluations, I genuinely wished we could help all of you. This wasn’t just a contest to us, this was a chance to help kick-start an opportunity for a small business and help them grow.

It was difficult enough to pick a winner that I decided to change it up a little. We’ll have a few winners. While all entries were compelling, we wanted to identify those that not only had great plans for putting the money to use, but also demonstrated need and embraced social media as a way to enhance their business.

So, without any additional delay:

$1,000 winner: Chris Tourre, Arcade Brewery
$500 winner: Jody Seibert, Dog Ate My Books
$250 winner: Alex Levine, Food Truck Freak

Several entries had a large portion of the money going to Sprout Social subscriptions. While that’s appreciated, it certainly wouldn’t feel good taking our own money back.

So, all of the entries will receive an upgrade to the Sprout Social Business plan ($49/mo) with a paid $9/mo subscription. In order to do the accounting on our end, you’ll need to be in the system as a paid subscriber, but we’ll upgrade you free of charge for a year.

Congratulations to everyone and to our three big winners. Make us proud! Keep an eye on this space as we continue to look for ways to help you grow.

Justyn Howard
President, CEO
Sprout Social, Inc.