Pinterest is once again focused on bloggers and content producers in its latest update. The company today began rolling out an expanded set of rich pins, which now include more details about text-based articles.

Visual in nature, Pinterest is expanding beyond photos. Now when someone pins a story or article from your website, that pin will also contain relevant information like the author’s name, the headline, a brief description, and link.

Previously, articles pinned on Pinterest only displayed photos from the article with a link at the bottom. If someone wanted to include the article title or description, he or she would have to add it manually. That extra step cost pins context as well as visibility in related searches.

Today’s update is great for content producers who see a lot of social media shares. It means that there’s one more platform in which consumers can share your content with their networks, which could result in more traffic for your website. It also gives your marketing team another outlet for sharing content.


According to Pinterest, people are pinning five million articles to the site per day, and many use reading boards to save articles to consume at a later time. Currently several celebrities and journalists are using the site to pin articles and news, including The New York Times, Wired, Food + Wine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and so on.

The company hopes this update will encourage more people to pin and share articles, which could in turn lead to more media outlets using Pinterest to promote content like they do on Twitter and Facebook. The updated article pins are rolling out to web today and will appear on mobile soon.

[Image credit: Steven Depolo]