Facebook has rolled out some small, but significant changes to its Event pages, among them a more subtle way to decline an invite.

Facebook Events allow individuals and brands to organize online and offline gatherings – which range from birthday parties and group dinners to networking events and product launch days. Organizers can invite friends and keep track of who has accepted and who has declined.

The most noticeable change is that now when a person declines an invitation he or she will be prompted to share why by posting on the Event’s Wall. Additionally, the list of those who have declined will be hidden – you can still find out who isn’t attending by reviewing the “Going,” “Maybe,” and “Invited” categories.

Facebook also offers the ability to block users from sending invites right from the decline step – instead of having to visit privacy settings. The social network has also noted that stories about people attending or planning events will be displayed more concisely within the News Feed.

In an effort to build out its location database, now anytime you tag a Place as the location of an Event, Facebook will display a Bing map with a link to directions.

Facebook Event pages are fairly basic, but offer a convenient way to get the word out about your networking event, workshop, product launch, and so on.

[All Facebook, Image credit: Tracy Hunter]