[UPDATED 3.15.16]

Facebook has given users the ability to add a large banner image to the events that they create on the platform. This has become a popular point of discussion, since choosing the right cover photo for your Facebook event could make the difference between throwing the party of the year, and throwing a party not even you’ll want to attend.

This post will show you how you can add a Facebook event photo, how to choose one that fits the best size, and how to pick one that fits the style of your event.

How to Add a Picture to An Event on Facebook

Once you’ve gone through the simple process of creating an event on Facebook, you’ll be directed to a screen similar to the one below. This page will give you the option to “Add  Event Photo”.

add a facebook event coverThere are 4 different ways to add a photo to the event page:

  1. Choose from photos that you or others posted on the event page.
  2. Choose from photos that are on your personal Facebook page.
  3. Choose from your synced photos.
  4. Uploading an image from your computer.

Facebook Event Photo Size

In order to make sure that your potential guests are seeing the best possible image, it’s important to make sure that you choose the image dimensions that Facebook uses for each different placement. There are 3 different places that your guests could see your image on the Facebook: on the event page, in their Newsfeed , and on the “Upcoming Events” page.

We’ll cover these here, but if you need a more detailed look at social image sizes, I suggest looking at our “Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes“.

Facebook Management Learn More Banner

Event Page Dimensions

The location that guests are most likely to see your event invite is on the actual event page. The image that I used below started at 851×315 pixels, however, Facebook scaled this image down to 784×295 pixels. So when choosing a photo of your own, bear in mind that users will see the 784×295 version.

facebook event photo example
Newsfeed Dimensions

When you create an event, Facebook will also create a Newsfeed update showing friends this activity. This Newsfeed update which will appear in the feed at 470×174 pixels. It’s important to optimize images to this size if your event has an open invitation, since this will be how most of your potential guests will find out about your event.

newsfeed event cover photo

Upcoming Events Dimensions

The final place that users may come across your photo is in the “Upcoming Events” section of Facebook. This is the place that Facebook aggregates all of the events that you’ve been invited to, or that Facebook thinks you may be interested in attending. Images in this location appear at 150×100 pixels.

facebook event cover example

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How to Choose a Facebook Event Photo

The image you choose can truly determine how many people accept or decline your event invitation. There are two tips that we want to give to those of you choosing a photo for your event cover.

1. Make Sure it’s Attention Grabbing

Since Facebook is constantly suggesting events to their users, it can sometimes be easy for them to tune invites out. Choosing an image that stands out can help break into the consciousness of a potential guest.

2. Make Sure it’s Relevant

The photo should also be indicative of what the event will actually be about in order for you to generate qualified clicks and response. Here’s an example of one I thought captured both of these ideas well:
facebook event photo exampleThough this image’s dimensions could be better optimized to fit, the larger red pig does a good job grabbing users’ attention. Not only that, the pig also helps illustrate what the event will be about – pork!

Now that you have a good idea of how to upload an event photo, how to size it correctly, and which to choose, you can create some amazing event pages in the future!