Facebook has added a new feature for admins who post updates on their company’s Facebook Page Wall. They can now target who sees the update based on language or location.

When entering a status update, clicking on the “Everyone” dropdown menu next to the Share button and then on the “Customize” option will bring up a new window. Here you can set the parameters for who you want to see the post.

You can choose Country or Language parameters at first. If you choose Country, you can then further narrow it to State or City.

This kind of targeting can be helpful in a number of situations. Bands heading to a new town, cultural event updates focused on a specific group of foreign language speakers or promotions that are restricted by state to name a few.

Just be careful not to target too often or too narrowly. Though your customers might not all be the focus for your update, they may still want to see that your company is posting regularly and thriving.