On Wednesday, the Facebook announced Timeline for Pages as well as a variety of other minor changes to admins’ toolboxes.

With more power comes more responsibility, which is why the social network plans to give Page owners the ability to assign different levels of access to admins.

During one of its breakout sessions at the Facebook Marketing Conference, Product Manager Jeff Kanter announced that Pages will soon offer five different levels of access. While he didn’t go into detail about the restrictions, we do know that full access, publishing-only access, and Insights access will be among the choices.

At this time it isn’t clear what the other two levels are, but it’s possible that it could include messages-only access — private messages were also introduced this week. It could be valuable for your customer support team to have access to these messages.

This feature could help community managers shed light on engagement without risking exposure to other sensitive data or accidental public posts, and vice versa. Kanter said Facebook hopes to release these controls by the end of March.

[Via: InsideFacebook, Image credit: Will Ockenden]