Facebook has released v1.6 of their Android phone app which will now allow users to view Pages, upload videos and see more stories in the news feed. Unfortunately, this will still leave the app without many of the features contained in its iPhone counterpart including the ability to use Facebook Check-In Deals.

Also, users still can’t search for Pages or tag photos. Since many of these things can be done with the Android’s mobile browser pointed at m.facebook.com, the mobile app is still looking less attractive than the alternative.

Another problem Facebook faces is third-party developers selling apps that fill these gaps. A quick look at the Android Marketplace shows an unofficial Facebook CheckIn app and FriendCaster for Facebook which boasts it “does what the official Facebook app should!”

Facebook is letting these third-party developers control the user experience of its mobile users until it improves their official product. But lately Facebook has been making strides in that direction, particularly with the announcement last week of an official iPad app and the discovery of their planned iPhone photo sharing app.

[Source: Inside Facebook]