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One of the most important features of your Twitter profile is the ability to include a direct web link (called a URL) back to your website or blog. In fact, new people will often click your link to help them decide if you’re worth checking out further.

Here are some ideas to help you increase the impact of your Twitter profile URL.

You Don’t Always Need to Link to Your Home Page

Nine times out of ten, people list their website’s homepage as the web address in their Twitter profiles. While there is nothing really wrong with this approach, it misses an opportunity to highlight your most relevant content that may not be on your company’s homepage.

For example, you may have a seasonal special that your promoting on one of the subpages on your website. Or perhaps you have an exceptional deal on a particular product — or conversely, maybe you’d like to move some surplus inventory.

In these cases, you can target where a user ends up by changing the Twitter profile URL from your homepage to a specific product or information page on your website.

How to Change Your Twitter Profile URL

Twitter SettingsTo change your Twitter profile URL, simply click your profile picture on the Twitter menu bar, then select “Settings.”

Next, click the ‘Profile’ Tab to access your Twitter profile URL.

Sprout Social Insights URL

You can change the “Web” field to any URL you’d like. Twitter allows you to put in as long a link as you’d like but if your URL is extremely long, you might consider using a URL link shortener.

Link to a Relevant Blog Post

If you have a company blog, you can also temporarily drive Twitter profile traffic to a relevant blog post.

If you sell grapple grommets (for example) and you happen to have a really killer blog post this week on the the “Top 10 Things to Consider When Purchasing Grapple Grommets,” then consider changing your Twitter profile URL (using the steps above) to link to your blog post instead of your business website’s homepage.

HINT: You can change your twitter profile URL as may times as you’d like — even to support every new blog post you publish, as in the example below.

Link to a Blog Post

Have you changed your Twitter profile URL to something other than your homepage? Perhaps you link to a specific Twitter Landing Page you’ve created? Let us know by leaving a comment below and you could be featured on Fan Friday!

[Image credit: Joan Campderrós]