In late 2021, TikTok surpassed 1 billion monthly users, making it one of the internet’s favorite applications. Gen Z popularized TikTok, but the app has become a multi-generational channel where even senior influencers have entered the space.

And with consumer preferences leaning towards short-form video, the demand for agencies who specialize in TikTok marketing remains high. In this article, we’ll walk through case studies from top certified TikTok marketing agencies to show how they use TikTok to grow their clients’ brands, building a business case for more agencies to expand their services.

5 top TikTok marketing agencies (with case studies)

Before we get started, here is a tip: learn from the agencies who’ve already branched into TikTok by looking at TikTok’s official marketing partners directory. The directory features a range of marketing agencies and other companies that provide a variety services, including popular ones like creative, commerce, sound and campaign management services.

To narrow down your research, we’ve created a list of some of the best TikTok marketing agencies and share how they’ve approached building successful campaigns with clients:

1. Byte/Dept

Who they are: Byte/Dept is a marketing technology agency based in London, New York and Berlin. Byte was acquired by Dept in February 2021.

They provide a variety of services for analytics, technology, creative and media services. Some examples of Byte’s services include chatbot creation and augmented reality. They are an official Snapchat Lense Partner as well.

Case study: ASO

Byte/Dept worked with ASOS to create the British online fashion retailer’s first TikTok campaign. The branded hashtag challenge #AySauce encouraged users to show off their outfits in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The three-week campaign featured a branded TikTok sound, in-feed ads, an interactive augmented reality experience and a diverse trough of talent including Holly H, the Neffati Brothers, Michael Le, Jordan Fisher and Luke Trotman from Love Island to name a few.


3 sauce looks…which is your fave? A, B or C? 🔥🔥 @asos #AySauceChallenge #ASOS #Ad

♬ Ay Sauce – Cashino

The #AySauce campaign resulted in 448,000 user videos and over 1.2 billion views in just three weeks. The challenge increased the brand’s engagement rate by 15.79%, which was well above the set benchmarks.

2. Incubeta

Who they are: Incubeta is an international digital marketing agency that provides solutions including consulting, media services and creative production.

Case study: Fantastic Furniture 

Fantastic Furniture is an Australian retailer that’s a favorite for furniture and bedding. The brand wanted to use TikTok to drive traffic to their website and increase their reach to a more engaged audience.

Fantastic Furniture worked with Incubeta to create TikTok influencer content. The agency collaborated with content creators @brookestyless and @georgieandzac to create DIY room transformation videos. Thanks to their unique content approaches, Fantastic Furniture could use these sponsored videos to reach a new, younger audience.

The TikTok videos were also repurposed for TV commercials, but proved to be more effective on their native platform. When both pieces of content were compared, the TikTok videos’ click-through rate was 8% higher. The highest-performing TikTok creative earned an impressive view-through rate increase of 108%.


Come with us to restyle our living room. @fantasticfurniture #Findyourfantastic ad

♬ Waterdrop – Chris Alan Lee

When compared side-by-side, the influencer content cost per click was 10% lower than the television ads, allowing Fantastic Furniture to reach their target audience and drive more traffic to their site while being cost-effective.

3. Dash Hudson

Who they are: Headquartered out of Nova Scotia, Dash Hudson is a social entertainment marketing software company. Their digital and creative solutions help global brands optimize their social entertainment and commerce strategies.

Case study: Mecca

Australian beauty retailer Mecca wanted to identify long-term, high-performing TikTok content that would authentically connect with their current and prospective audiences to increase their ROI.

Mecca collaborated with TikTok and Dash Hudson to learn trend traction and craft a holistic, data-based content strategy for organic and paid creative campaigns.


It’s the glowy skin for me. 🍉 Shop #GlowRecipe at MECCAbeauty. #fyp

♬ kali x ari – Jurk

The beauty retailer used Dash Hudson’s TikTok insights to pinpoint the highest-performing creators and content pillars to guide the direction of the videos. They then used this information to inform their content creation process.

With Dash Hudson’s data, the brand discovered using both organic and paid TikTok content within a campaign influenced its overall success.


Achieve the cushiony, velvety, blurred-lip look taking over your feed with the new #NARS Air Matte Lip Colour. Shop now at MECCAbeauty. 💋

♬ Tiger Blood – Jonathan Paulsen

After their first campaigns, Mecca saw incredible growth across several metrics including followers, video views and engagement. Followership increased by 64% and the creatives reached over 12 million views. Some 147,000 engagements were earned as well.

4. Whalar

Who they are: Whalar is an award-winning creator commerce company based in Australia, Germany, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom. They offer services including talent management and brand partnership.

 Case study: Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups aimed to use TikTok to build a strong brand association between Halloween and the Spanish lollipop brand for a new audience in the United Kingdom.


Duet with @PlanetFood this Halloween and get ready for the spooky season! 🎃 #ChupaChups #Halloween #AllWrappedUp

♬ original sound – chupachupsuk

Chupa Chups partnered with Whalar to create ads during spooky season and the outcome was delightfully frightful. Their Halloween campaign provides a great example of what can happen when content successfully aligns with a community or strong theme: brand recall was 42.6% and brand association was 5.7%, proving the campaign successful.

5. VMG Digital

Who they are: VMG Digital is an international creative services company that specializes in sponsored video ads and video content. They focus on using existing brand assets for repurposed content or mobile optimization, and also provide full-funnel marketing support.

Case study: Samsung

Samsung aimed to promote their new Galaxy Z Fold3 | Z Flip3 to Millennials and Gen Z in the Vietnamese market. The global smartphone brand sought to scale its exposure and engage with younger generations to show what their new foldable phone could accomplish.

Along with a series of ads, Samsung created a branded hashtag challenge, #VuDieuGapMo (Folding Dance). Popular TikTok creators like @hoaa.hanassii were used to drive more visibility to the campaign and encourage users to participate. To encourage participation further, Samsung offered chances to win prizes including the Galaxy Z Flip3.


#VuDieuGapMo Gập gập, mở mở I love it!!! Xịn quá xịn quá ❤️ #TheHeGalaxyZ #ad

♬ Gập Mở Cùng Galaxy Z – Mew Amazing

The results of the campaign were astounding: in only two weeks, #VuDieuGapMo became the fastest TikTok campaign to reach 1 billion views in Vietnam. Over 259,800 videos were created for the challenge. Most benchmarks for the campaign were exceeded and Samsung saw a 14% increase in sales compared to its campaign target as well.

What TikTok marketing services can agencies offer?

TikTok marketing agencies typically offer services that can be split into two categories: strategy and content creation/execution. Here’s a brief summary of the two:

TikTok strategy

Agencies can help brands create a holistic TikTok marketing strategy. This can include defining a target audience and goals, performing competitor analysis, running analytics and reporting.

To carry out these tasks, it’s common for agencies to use social media management software like Sprout Social. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we’re an official TikTok Marketing Partner. And we’re one of the only social media management software companies that offers a TikTok integration. You can use Sprout Social’s TikTok management tools to manage, analyze and optimize your campaign.

Along with video scheduling, you can manage comments in our Smart Inbox and share presentation-ready analytics reports.

TikTok content creation and execution

Agencies can also help manage full content creation and campaign execution. Along with video production, this can include building partnerships with content creators and influencers.

There are also a variety of TikTok business solutions agencies can offer their clients, such as paid strategies using TopView and In-Feed Ads, or engagement strategies harnessing branded effects and hashtag challenges.

Next steps for TikTok marketing agencies

If you’re an agency looking to grow current services, expanding your offerings to TikTok marketing is a great place to start given its popularity and effectiveness.

And if you want an hands-on experience to learn more about how Sprout can help manage and analyze your new campaigns, sign up for a free one-month trial.