Today Yelp introduced a new feature for business owners, designed to increase conversions and sales. According to the company, consumers visit the website ready to make a spending decision. The new feature will help to “close the loop” between discovering your business on Yelp and making a purchase.

The company’s new Call to Action feature will allow you to promote a desired transaction directly on your Yelp business listing — whether it’s scheduling an appointment, printing a coupon, buying tickets, or any other action you might want to promote. This feature will take consumers seamlessly from your Yelp listing to your website to complete the transaction.

Take Ticketmaster for example. The e-commerce company was one of the first to test out Yelp’s Call to Action feature when it added the button to more than 2,000 of its live entertainment venues across the U.S. and Canada. Now when consumers visit one of those listings, they’re taken directly to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets.

“Yelp is a great platform that many of our clients use to help their fans discover and gather information about live events,” stated Ticketmaster’s President of North America Jared Smith. “We’re excited to have developed a strategic partnership with Yelp to help our clients capture this demand and make the event discovery and ticket buying process easier for Yelp’s 102 million monthly unique visitors.”

The Call to Action button will work on both desktop and mobile, and is available whether you have one location or 30. Business owners interested in enabling the feature or advertising with Yelp can learn more by visiting

[Image credit: floeschie]