After some tweaking, the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad is now available for download. Earlier this month Google introduced a native Gmail app for iOS, but shortly after its release the company removed the app from Apple’s App Store due to bugs.

Many users reported receiving an error message upon startup, while others complained that push notifications were disabled and badges weren’t working properly. As a result the app was pulled.

“Two weeks ago, we introduced our Gmail app for iOS,” explains Google Product Manager Matthew Izatt in a company blog post. “Unfortunately it contained a bug which broke notifications and displayed an error message… We’ve fixed the bug and notifications are now working, and the pap is back in the App Store.”

While the new version has fixed the critical bugs, Google hasn’t added any additional functionality – which was another area of concern around the original app. Gmail for iPhone still doesn’t support multiple accounts. However, the search giant is just getting started and will be integrating more features soon – including multiple account support, improved notifications, and mobile-specific signatures.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store starting today. If you’re only monitoring one Gmail account, then it’s worth downloading and taking for a spin. But if you’re watching multiple accounts, don’t go sticking the native Mail app in a hard-to-find folder just yet.

[Via: ReadWriteWeb]