Facebook will soon supplement its website-embeddable “Like” button for Pages with a “Subscribe” button for profiles, according to Facebook VP Joanna Shields. No launch date for the new feature has been revealed, but when it comes, publishers and businesses will be able to solicit website visitors to subscribe to public updates from their individual reporters, executives, or employees.

The Subscribe button was added to profiles on Facebook’s own website almost two months ago. When you post a public update to your Facebook profile, anyone who’s subscribing to you will see it in his or her News Feed even if you aren’t Facebook friends — assuming you’ve enabled the Subscribe feature on your profile, that is. It’s essentially the same concept as Twitter’s “Follow” button or the existing Facebook “Like” button, but for individuals’ profiles and not brand or business Pages.

Note that since this is for personal profiles and not Pages, it doesn’t replace the Like button. For example, a newspaper or online magazine could include a “Like” button on its website for the publication’s Facebook Page, and also place “Subscribe” buttons next to each of its writers in the by-lines or masthead. Readers logged into Facebook would be able to subscribe to each journalist’s updates with just one click.

What do you think; will you be using this feature on your website when it becomes available?

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Thos Ballantyne]