LinkedIn, the social network focused on working professionals, just launched a tool called “Apply with LinkedIn” which well let workers apply for jobs on any website using a button that the owner of the website can easily place on an application, hiring callout, blog post, or other bit of content related to an open position.

Job seekers can apply with just a couple of quick clicks, and the application goes through LinkedIn’s social network. The advantage there is that if the applicant knows someone who works at your company, that relationship is visible, so that person in the middle can recommend (or not recommend) the applicant to you. There are more details about how this works in LinkedIn’s blog post about the new feature.

The button works a bit like the “Tweet” or “Like” buttons offered by Twitter and Facebook; you have to be logged in to use them, but once you are it’s a very simple process.

You can very easily add it to your website if you use one of LinkedIn’s supported ATS (Applicant Tracking System) platforms but you can still use it even if your company does not use an ATS — after all, most small businesses don’t.

Just head over to LinkedIn’s website, where the company has put up a tool that you can use to customize your button and get the stuff you need to drop in your website’s code. You’ll need to have the ability to modify the files on your website as well as some basic knowledge of HTML to do this. If your website is managed by a third party, you’ll have to inquire with that person or firm about getting the button set up.