If you are looking to push your company’s social media presence to the next level, American Express has a new Small Business Saturday Facebook promotion for you. Starting this week, you can enter their Big Break For Small Business contest.

Five grand prize winners will receive $20,000 for their small business social media plans, a trip to Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto for a two-day boot camp and a one-on-one consultation about their Facebook efforts. Ten runner ups will receive $2,500 in Facebook ad credits. The Facebook community will vote for the big five winners.

To enter, you need to send three pictures of yourself at your workplace and answer three questions:

  • What makes you excited to go to work every day?
  • How do you envision Facebook impacting your business?
  • How could a Big Break help your business and your customers?

Based on the questions they are asking you to answer, it seems they are looking for:

  • enthusiasm
  • a social media plan that you don’t have the resources to implement
  • ideas on how Facebook can help your business directly

Avoid generic answers if you want to stand out from the other entrants. “Facebook will impact my business by getting me more customers” is going to sound like 95% of the other companies applying. Consider talking more about your long term goals for growth and how Facebook fits into that.

Also think about what makes Facebook work for companies: new ways to interact with customers; the ability to reach out to those not in your city; and creating a community of people who share an interest in what you are offering. Be specific and let your passion for your work and for connecting to your customers show through for your best chance at this great opportunity.