Facebook announced this week that its global rollout of the one-column Timeline with sections for movies, music, books, and more is complete. Now, consumers will be able to rate content from those sections or from third-party apps.

In March, the social network began rolling out the new design which gave consumers more options to highlight their favorite movies, books, music, as well as other stories they’ve shared through Open Graph apps. Since then, according to Facebook, consumers have added nearly 200 million items to these sections daily.

It doesn’t end there though; the company is finding even more ways for those consumers to engage with your app’s content. As of today, the music section can play songs Liked by friends with one click, workouts can be tracked with friends in the fitness section, content can be rated directly on people’s Timelines, and ratings can be added from apps.

For developers building apps for brands and businesses, sections offer you another way to grow beyond posting to News Feed. The data collected will not only help you personalize your app and recommendations, but on a much grander scale, it could improve Graph Search results, News Feed relevancy, ad targeting, and more.

If your app doesn’t use any of Facebook’s common actions (listen, run, watch, read, and so on), you can easily create a custom app section. For example, OpenTable created a custom app section for food-lovers to share the restaurants that they like and recently dined at. Additionally, game developers like Pearl’s Peril use vibrant images to display the levels that a player has recently completed.

Custom sections must be reviewed by Facebook and members have to opt in before it can be displayed on Timeline. If you’re interested, we recommend looking over the newly published documentation which offers more details about the creation, testing, and review process associated with this feature.

And finally, to help you track user engagement with sections, Facebook has expanded App Insights to include analytics on Timeline section impressions and referral clicks to your app.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Dylan Tweney]