15 Social Media Sites Every Nonprofit Should UseThe social web has opened the doors for nonprofit organizations to connect with people from around the world. Using a wide variety of tools to manage social media accounts, nonprofits can build relationships with supporters, volunteers, and donors, while generating publicity at the same time.

Of course, there are numerous tools, applications, and social media sites available. Below is a list of 16 popular and useful social media sites that every nonprofit should consider using.

1. Twitter

16 Social Media Sites Every Nonprofit Should Use - 2

In recent years, Twitter has become a centralized location for people who want to make a change, spread news, and offer help and support. Your nonprofit needs to be there to communicate in real-time and one-on-one with its supporters.

2. Twitpay

Twitpay is a Twitter fundraising app that enables you to turn tweets into donations. It’s perfect for nonprofits with large Twitter followings.

3. Facebook

Every nonprofit organization should have a Facebook Page. There are many third-party apps that integrate seamlessly with Facebook to help you engage with people, build relationships, promote events, and even collect donations.

4. Causes

Causes integrates with Facebook so nonprofits can leverage their Facebook fans and encourage them to take action.

5. YouTube

16 Social Media Sites Every Nonprofit Should Use

YouTube is a natural fit for nonprofit organizations; it provides a venue to tell engaging personal stories that can lead to increased publicity, supporters, and donations. Anyone can set up a YouTube channel and publish videos. Also, be sure to apply for inclusion in the YouTube for Nonprofits program, which is part of the Google for Nonprofits program.

6. Flickr

If it’s true that a picture can say a thousand words, then every nonprofit should be on Flickr. Upload pictures and videos of your events, people your nonprofit has helped, and so on.

7. Give2gether

Give2gether is an online fundraising tool. A fundraising campaign can be set up in minutes, shared through social media, tracked, and more.

8. Crowdrise

Crowdrise is an online fundraising tool with a twist — nonprofits can launch online fundraising campaigns as games. Donors earn points through donations, or by spreading the word about the nonprofit organization and campaign across the social web.

9. Change.org

16 Social Media Sites Every Nonprofit Should Use

Change.org enables anyone to create an online petition and gather virtual signatures in support of a cause. It’s a great way for nonprofits to publicly demonstrate the level of support they have in their communities and around the world.

10. HelpAttack!

With HelpAttack!, every Twitter or Facebook update can become a donation to a nonprofit organization — with no special tagging or other requirements. The donor just tweets or publishes Facebook updates and donations are made automatically.

11. Care2

Care2 is a social-action network for people who want to live healthy, sustainable lives and support socially responsible causes. The site offers community engagement, petitions, polls, and content. Care2 boasts 16 million members and is the largest social-action network online. It’s a place every nonprofit should investigate.

12. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an online event-planning site that offers special features for nonprofit organizations. You can use it to announce and promote an event, invite people to attend, manage RSVPs, and even collect ticket payments. Eventbrite integrates with Facebook through a handy Facebook app, so you can easily promote your upcoming events through a special tab on your Facebook Page.

13. Meetup

16 Social Media Sites Every Nonprofit Should Use

Meetup is an online network for local community groups. It’s a perfect tool for local nonprofit representatives to gather supporters and donors. The site currently has nearly 10 million members.

14. DoSomething.org

DoSomething.org is targeted at the teen online audience. Its stated goal is to inspire its 2 million members to do something offline, such as volunteering.

15. Citizen Effect

Citizen Effect is a site that allows anyone to upload a project that helps the world in some way. Donors can browse through projects and choose those they want to help fund.

16. Socialbrite

Socialbrite offers resources, reviews, and discussions about social media marketing for nonprofits — published by a team of nonprofit experts. It’s a great place to learn and stay up-to-date with social media issues in the nonprofit sector.

Whether yours is a small or large nonprofit organization — serving your local community or the entire world — the social media sites listed above can help you spread your message, achieve your goals, and provide help where it’s needed.

Are we missing any great social media sites that every nonprofit should use? Let us know your favorite sites in the comments below.

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